You are here to awaken to who you truly are.
To transmit your essence through your life. This = fulfillment. This = joy. This is your Greatest contribution to this world.

Are you ready to be the gift you came here to be?

Frank Boffa is a creative mystic, energy healer and teacher. He facilitates high frequency energy activations, teachings, healings and creative processes that activate others on their journey of awakening to their Greater nature and their power to create their life consciously… joyfully.

The Creation Zone ~ Workshop Sunday 17th June 2018

Be the gift you came here to be…   The Creation Zone takes you on an experiential journey

Guided meditation @ Double Bay – upcoming dates 2018

Guided meditation utilising energy principles for people who wish to bring greater peace & happi


  • Frank, thank you. I've done a lot of classes, courses and met a lot of healers, but this work gets straight to the core of it all. It is well balanced/rounded and your non judgement, integrity and grace creates a very safe environment. It feels like Truth to me… All of it.”
    Despina Nikolakakos, Sydney Australia
  • “Frank is an extraordinary teacher and healer. I have had the most profound experiences during his guided meditations and classes and he has gently but firmly supported me to take the first steps in my own journey as a healer. I look forward to experiencing more of the fantastic work he is bringing to our planet. Thanks Frank!”
    Louise Charman-James, Sydney
  • I am very thankful to be listening twice daily to your meditation on surrender.. It has helped me to 'let go'. I look forward to listening to more of your meditations in the future."
    Susanne Lansdown, Australia
  • Thanks Frank for the meditation last night! Always such a pleasure to see you and be guided by your beautiful energy... you make such a difference to our world by helping to transform so many people. Thanks with all my heart."
    Lynette de la Vega, Sydney
  • As I began the ride inside myself on the eternal human search for love and peace I was drawn to Frank’s work. Through his teachings and sharing of experience, I quickly understood that the daily reality of being human with all our foibles versus my desire for simplicity, love and connection were not mutually exclusive and happily co-exist. Frank brings a supportive, grounded and real approach to his work, and importantly for me, a sense of humour and fun."
    Marcela, Sydney