The Creation Zone – Unlock your Soul’s expression through creativity

The Creation Zone is an 8-week, highly experiential course for people who are ready to tap deeply into their inner source of creativity and express this in a whole new, bigger way!

It will take you on a high-frequency, life-changing journey of opening to the power of creative expression as a profound tool for transformation.

Everyone one of us is creative, but not everyone one of us has discovered the infinite joy of actually expressing ourselves creatively.

The Creation Zone offers you the opportunity to explore what it is that feels most natural for you to express and to experience just how good it feels to express it! You get to discover your true, creative nature. You get to understand more fully what brings you the most joy.

You will…

      • Unlock your creative expression, allowing it to flow freely as a force from within you.

      • Discover how engaging in creative expression in a particular way, becomes a powerful means of transformation.

      • Learn how to utilise creative expression to release stored energies that do not contribute to your happiness & fulfillment.

      • Release a whole lot of stuff that you don’t need to carry anymore!

      • Experience creative expression as a means of accessing your internal source of passion for life… as a means of accessing your Soul.

      • Observe your creative expression take on a captivating quality as your ability to express your Soul’s energies through creativity unfolds.


Most importantly…

  • As you discover this magical way of engaging in creative expression, you’ll realise that you can apply these same principles to your process of creating your life… your ultimate act of creative expression!
  • Through this journey with creative expression, you’ll learn that allowing your process of creating your life to flow from this deeper place within, is the most joyful way to live… the only way to live!


By the way, it’s definitely NOT about…

  • You requiring any prior experience or perceived ‘skill’ or ‘talent’.


    So if you’re thinking…. “but I’m not creative, I can’t paint, sing, dance, write, act, create music… I’m not talented enough… blah-di-blah…”, then know this dear one:


The Creation Zone is all about allowing your own creative expression… that which is already within you, to emerge naturally, passionately and whole-heartedly from a deep place within.


It’s not about you (the smaller you) trying to create anything, but more an allowing of who you already are to be expressed now. It’s about getting out of your own way.

Yes you are creative because you are a human being (sorry, no animals or aliens). You are creative because you are creating your life in each moment. Could you, however, be creating your life from a deeper place that results in you experiencing far more joy?

As you open to this way of engaging in creative expression, this same, magical unfolding occurs in your process of creating your life. For the creative force driving your creation process is one and the same. You wake up to a new way of creating.


About the program…

The program is conducted live, in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney over a series of 7 evening classes and a final, half-day on a Sunday.

You will…

  • Receive and practice particular insights each week designed to unlock your creativity and get it flowing big time!
  • Experience being joyfully immersed in many different forms of creative expression, discovering that these concepts can be applied to any form of creativity.
  • Be encouraged to apply these concepts to a form of creative expression that you feel drawn to play with in your own time.
  • Learn about and experience the energy principles behind this approach to creative expression.
  • Experience deep, energy processes that take you on a journey within, supporting the unlocking of your creative expression.
  • Receive guidance and tools that assist you to release barriers to your self-expression that may arise throughout this process.
  • Have loads of fun!


If there is a particular form of creative expression that you are drawn to or currently engage in, you may wish to apply the concepts learnt in class to step into greater mastery of expression through this form of creativity.

Otherwise, The Creation Zone will stimulate your own sense of what form of creativity your heart is drawing you to explore right now as an expression of your Soul.

Program Dates:
Wed 25th Feb, Wed 4th Mar, Wed 11th Mar, Wed 18th Mar, Wed 25 Mar, Wed 1st Apr, [break 8th Apr], Wed 15 Apr, Sun 19 Apr

Time: Wednesdays: 7.00pm-9.00pm. Final Sunday: 10am-3pm

Where: Cooper Park Community Hall, 12 Cooper Park Rd, Bellevue Hill NSW

Parking: Available on premises.

Exchange* – full upfront payment: $600 ($220 deposit to secure your place, balance payable prior to 25 February)

Exchange* – payment plan: $660 ($220 deposit to secure your place, $220 on 18th March, $220 on 8th April)

*This includes all materials utilised in class.


Let’s do it!

If your heart is saying “yep I’m in!” then don’t hold back, register now to secure your place and I’d love to arrange a chat with you before the course commences.

Spaces are limited, as it’s important that I’m able to hold a space that supports this transformation for all in the group.

If you’re feeling excited about going on this life-changing journey through creative expression and you’d like to find out more, email me by clicking here, and I’d love to answer any questions you may have.


  • Click here to register and secure your place with a deposit (paypal): Deposit $220

  • Alternatively, contact me, to pay by direct deposit.


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